Scribbler 2 autonomous Robot

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The Scribbler 2 or S2, is the ultimate thoughtful robot, ideal for education as well as hobbyists. The S2 is particularly well adapted to younger people who want to discover robotics programming.
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Size Chart
Size Chart

The scribbler 2 or S2 is a compact, complete and thoughtful robot, probably the best suited for exploring robotics and programming in robotics.

Technical specifications of the Scribbler 2 robot

The technical specifications of the Scribbler 2 are:

  • 1 x Propeller microcontroller (this is the microcontroller used by the StingRay robot, a highly parallel microncontroller)
  • Powered by 6 batterie 1,5V AA (not included)
  • 3 x light sensors
  • 1 x infrared distance sensor (with 2 alternating infrared emitters) for object detection and obstacle avoidance
  • 1 x Speaker so that the robot can emit modulated sound (programmable)
  • 3 x colored leds so that the robot can indicate some information (programmable)
  • 1 x power light
  • 1 x programming port (for serial cable)
  • 2 x line sensor (for detecting lines on the ground)
  • 1 x stall sensor
  • 2 x DC motors provide 20-80 RPM wheel speed
  • 1 x encoder feedback to get information about the effective rotation of the wheels, then allowing you to program better movements and position of your robot.
  • 1 x microphone that allows the robot to hear the sounds emitted by other S2
  • 1 x pen port so that the robot can draw its movements on the ground using the pen (not included)

The Scribbler 2 robot is has preprogrammed behaviors so that you can see the result of a robotic behavior already achieved. These behaviors are documented to inspire your own programs.

To learn more about the Scribbler robot 2 click on the video below:

Click on the following image to download the Scribbler 2 PDF documentation (startup guide):

PDF Documentation of the Scribbler 2 robot


open-source Scribbler 2 Robot Open-Source Hardware Designs In Progress

The Scribbler 2 robot is ROSH compliant The Scribbler 2 robot is ROSH compliant



Programming the Scribbler 2 robot

A free graphical programming software is available to program the Scribbler 2 robot. This software is easy to use. To download now this software, click on the following image:

Free graphical programming software for the Scribbler 2 robot

Free graphical programming software for the Scribbler 2 robot

Professional programming languages like C or Spin are offered by Parallax or Parallax’s partners. Visit to know the list of software’s available for programming the Propeller microcontroller and the technical documentation on the microcontroller.

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