Parallax robot Stingray

Parallax Inc. | A-000000-00240
Stingray has been designed for performance with its multiprocessor Propeller chip.
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Size Chart
Size Chart

The Stingray robot from Parallax Inc. provides a mid-size platform for a wide range of robotics projects and experiments. The Propeller Robot Control Board is the brains of the system providing a multiprocessor control system capable of performing multiple tasks at the same time. The Propeller chip provides eight 32- bit processors each with two counters, its own 2 KB local memory and 32 KB shared memory. This makes the Propeller a perfect choice for advanced robotics and the Stingray robot.

kit contents:

  • Multicore Propeller chip based control board
  • Extra large EEPROM (64 KB) for storing additional data
  • On-board 3.3 V & 5V switching power supply
  • 5 V I/O translators to simplify interfacing to 5 V sensors/devices
  • Integrated dual full bridge driver
  • Two DC spur gear motors
  • Two-wheel differential drive system with rear omnidirectional wheel
  • Multiple mounting locations for sensors, add-ons, etc.
  • Free online Propeller Tool programming software for Windows and example Stingray source code (requires Win2K/XP/Vista, IE7 or higher, and USB port)

StingRay programmable robotic kit

Below is a view of the Propeller controller

Controller card of the programmable StingRay robot from Parallax

The robot needs 6 AA batteries (not included).
The communication between the robot and the PC uses a USB cable included in the kit.
Dimensions, assembled: 13 x 10.9 x 5.5 in (330 x 277 x 140 mm)

Download the PDF documentation of the StingRay robot:

PDF documentation of the StingRay robot PDF documentation of the StingRay robot

The StingRay robot is ROHS compliant
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