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Available:Eddie robot is the official robotic hardware platform for the new Microsoft Robotics Studio !
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Eddie robot – the robotics platform from Parallax

Eddie robot is an autonomous mobile robot carrying a laptop and a Microsoft Kinect.

The robot Eddie is the reference platform chosen by Microsoft for the launch of its new Microsoft Robotics Studio integrating the Kinect SDK and allowing the use of powerful algorithms provided by Microsoft that can take advantage of the Kinect in terms of recognition 3D human shapes.

Eddie robot is sold unassembled, without Kinectand without laptop.

Eddie robot platform - technical specifications

The Eddie robot platform presents the following specifications:

  • Compliant with the Reference Platform Design specification of Microsoft
  • Dual-platform design with plenty of room for electronics and on-the-go programming laptop access
  • Two drive wheels with high-torque 12 VDC motors and position controllers
  • Front and rear dual-tire caster wheels for platform stability
  • Durable pneumatic rubber tires easily traverse hard floors and carpet
  • Five distance sensors (three infrared and two ultrasonic) for collision avoidance
  • Fully integrated control board handles all lower-level hardware operations to drive motors and collect sensor data
  • Simple USB connectivity between control board and your laptop
  • 12 V, 14.4Ah gel-cell batteries for 4–7 hours of continuous operation

Programming the mobile robot Eddie and its Kinect sensor

The Eddie robot is fully compatible with Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4. This programming software is free and you can download it from the Microsoft Robotics Studio website to program the Eddie robot: http://www.microsoft.com/robotics

Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio is a complete set of softwares with the IDE (Visual Studio), the graphical programing environment for high level ochestration (Microsoft Visual Programming Language), the simulator (Microsoft Visual Environment) and its parallel programming model: CCR/DSS.

Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio

Video showing how to assemble the Eddie robot

Eddie robot and Microsoft Kinect: technical documentation

Here are some links to technical documents about the Eddie robot with Microsoft Kinect.

PDF documentation about the Eddie robot from Parallax Eddie Robot Assembly Instructions
PDF documentation about the Eddie robot from Parallax Eddie Command Set
ROS package for Eddie Robot from Parallax ROS package for Eddie robot

Eddie robot and Microsoft Kinect: usage example

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