KoreBot II Embedded PC for the Khepera III robot

K-Team | A-000000-00150

KoreBot II is a robust and powerful miniature embedded PC board running Linux specifically designed for applications in mobile robotics and embedded electronics.

Based on an Intel Xscale microprocessor, it enables advanced developments providing Khepera III with more computation power than a simple microcontroller

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Size Chart

Specifically designed by K-Team to be used in mobile robotics, the KoreBot II board will fulfill the needs of miniature robots and embedded electronics developers.

As compact as a credit card, KoreBot II is a reliable and powerful platform based on an Intel Xscale processor. Ready to be used out of the box, very compact and expandable, the KoreBot II board adds incredible capabilities to Khepera II and allow developing a wider range of projects needing more embedded computing power than a simple microcontroller.

KoreBot II technical specifications

  • Processor: Intel Xscale PXA-270 running at 600MHz
  • RAM: 128MB
  • Flash: 32MB
  • Power supply: 5V – integrated converter to supply 3.3V to other peripherals
  • Connectors: 1x Compact Flash, 1x uSD, 1x KB 250 Interface, 2x RS-232, 1x USB host, 1x Gumstix extension
  • KB-250 interface : 3x RS-232 (including a Bluetooth compatible port), 3x USB hosts, 1x MMC controller, 1x LCD controller, 1x I2C bus (400kbps), 1x SSP/SPI (1.8 Mbps) 1x AC97 controller, 2x PWM
  • Oerating system: Linux 2.6.x (OpenEmbedded Ansgtröm Distribution)
  • License: GPL for the bootloader
  • Development environment: executable format bootloader. GNU / Linux based development environment
  • Size: 85mm x 57mm x 33mm
  • Weight: 52g
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