Gripper Arm for Khepera III robot

K-Team | A-000000-00449

The robotic arm kit for Khepera III is a small and compact mechanism with 2 degrees of freedom allowing to grasp and transport small objects that would be in front of the robot.

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Size Chart
Size Chart

Technical specification for the gripper robotic arm for Khepera III robot

  • Weight: 500g
  • Degrees of freedom: 2
  • payload: 50g
  • Interface: The gripper robotic arm requires the use of the KoreBot II embedded PC extension (not included)
  • Software compatibility: Integrated into the standard Khepera III API. Compatible with the VREP simulation environment


With this robotic gripper arm, the Khepera III robot is able to manipulate objects in its direct environment.

Videos of the gripper robotic arm for Khepera III robot

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