Robotics Playground for Lego Mindstorms compatible FLL

Robotics Playground for Lego Mindstorms compatible FLL

VS Moebel | A-000000-00695
This piece of furniture has a dual function: a mobile work area and a secure storage area. This work table is ideal for students and robotic clubs where team work is common. NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE
End of life product
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Size Chart
Size Chart

This piece of furniture consists of a mobile work table and a base for storing LEGO Mindstorms kits. This table is designed for students participating in robotics workshops or robotics competitions such as the First Lego League (FLL).

The work surface

The work surface has a size of 237x115 cm and is pivotal to ensure easy storage. The edges of the work surface consists of an arena 4cm thick and 10cm in height.

The storage cabinet for Lego Mindstorms kits.

The storage cabinet is under the work table when unfolded. It can contains two rows of Lego Mindstorms Education kits or Lego Education Resource Set.


Piece of furniture with a work area and a storage area for Lego Mindstorms robotics kits

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