Gripper arm with 5 degrees of freedom for the DARwIn-OP humanoid robot

Robotis | A-000000-00142
Gripper arm with 5 degrees of freedom with its two Dynamixel MX-28 actuators
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Size Chart

5 DOF Gripper arm for the humanoïd robot DARwIn-OP

By default, the arm that is provided with the humanoid robot Darwin-OP cannot grasp an object. The hand that is proposed here is an accessory offered by Robotis which offers this grasping capability for the humanoïd robot Darwin-OP. This arm uses Dynamixel MX-28 actuator (all actuators of the Darwin-OP robot are Dynamixel MX-28) and has 5 degrees of freedom.

The following image shows how the arm is built:

Gripper hand for the programmable humanoïd robot DARwIn-OP with 5 degrees of freedom


Elements of the gripper kit for DARwIn-OP

This gripper had contains:

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