Wifi shield for Arduino

Dexter Industries | A-000000-00708
This wifi shield will enable your Arduino projects to connect to a Wifi network and to download data on the internet. DISCONTINUED ARTICLE
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Size Chart

Specifications of the Wifi Shield for Arduino

This wifi shield is compatible with the Arduino boards Uno, Duemilanove, Mega and Leonardo and has a Gainspan GS1011 Wifi module. It is a very efficient Wifi chip allowing all your Arduino projects to communicate with TCP, be web server or client and transfer data.

The Arduino library corresponding to the wifi shield and the documentation are here. You will also find usage examples, as serving web page, reading Twitter timelines and communication over TCP/IP.

By default, this shield uses the pins 10 to 13 of the Arduino board (10: RTS, ready to send, 11: CTS, clear to send, 12: RX, receive, 13: TX, transmit) but is your project already needs these pins, there is an alternative configuration using pins 4 to 7 (4: RTS, 5: CTS, 6: RX, 7: TX).

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