DC-DC power module

DFRobot | A-000000-00712
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Using the DC-DC power module

To choose the output voltage of the DC-DC power module, you only have to put the switch in position 5V (the output voltage will be 5.0V) or in position VR (variable voltage) and to select the voltage you want with the potentiometer.

Plug your input voltage on the OVin connector of the DC-DC power module and enable it with the on/off button. The output voltage is available on three different connector types to best fit to your circuit.

The input voltage is also available on the OVout connector to help the wiring if you want to power other components with this voltage.

Warning, the output voltage should be lower than the input voltage.

schematics of the dc-c power module DFrobots

Technical specifications of the DC-DC power module

  • Input voltage: between 3.6 and 25V
  • Adjustable output voltage: between 3.3 and 25V
  • Constant output current: 5A at 5V
  • Maximal output power: 25W
  • Switching frequency: 350 kHz
  • Dimensions: 46x50x20mm
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