12bits digital to analog converter

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This digital to analog converter receives a values from your microcontroller in I2C and transforms it into a corresponding analog voltage. This is very useful for audio or analog projects.
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Most microcontrollers can convert analog voltages to digital data, but not all can do the contrary. This 12bits digital to analog converter allow you to do it with a great precision( 12bits: 4096 values, so 0.0012V precision for 5V, 0.0008V for 3.3V).

Using the 12bits digital to analog converter is really simple: power it in 3.3V or 5V (VDD and GND pins), connect the I2C pins (SDA for data, SCL for clock), send a I2C data and read the resulting analog voltage on pin VOUT. Resulting voltage is proportional to input voltage, so between 0V and 3.3V or 5V.

By default, the I2C address of the 12bits digital to analog converter is 0x62, but changes to 0x63 if you power the A0 pin. You can then use two 12bits digital to analog converters on the same I2C bis.

The user's manual explains you how to create triangular or sinusoidal voltages from digital values with Arduino using the the 12bits digital to analog converter.

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