Amplifier Analog to Digital converter

Adafruit Industries | A-000000-00723
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This analog to digital converter is commanded in I2C and allows you to convert up to 4 independant analog inputs or two differential inputs. A programmable amplification up to x16 can be applied to the result.

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The amplifier analog to digital converter can handle up to 3300 samples per second with a 12 bits precision. It can be supplied by a voltage between 2 and 5V, has a low consumption and has four analog input lines. You can converte four independants analog voltages or two differential voltages.

Communication with a microcontroller is done by a I2C bus using one of the four possible addresses for the amplifier analog to digital converter. You can therefore put up to four amplifier analog to digital converters on a simgle I2C bus.

Get inspired by the library and the code examples for Arduino or for Raspberry Pi to use your amplifier analog to digital converter.

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