Micro serial servo controller

This controller allows you to command independently up to 8 servomotors with a great precision. Moreover, it is very compact to be easily embedded in your mobile robots.
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Size Chart
Size Chart
  • Board size: 23x23mm
  • servomotor ports: 8
  • Resolution: 0.5 µs (about 0.05°)
  • logic supply voltage: 5 à 16V
  • data voltage: 0 et 5V
  • pulse rate: 50Hz
  • baudrate: 1200 à 38400 (automatically detected)
  • consumption: 5 mA average

This servomotor controller communicates as a serial port with a computer or a microcontroller. It supports two communication protocols: Pololu's serial protocol and the MiniSSC II protocol (usage example here).

All specifications can be found in the user's guide.

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