Arduino shield for Zumo robot

Arduino shield v1.2 for Zumo robot

Arduino shield for Zumo robot
Pololu Robotics & Electronics | A-000000-00727
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This Arduino shield allows you to mount an Arduino board on your Zumo chassis.
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This Arduino shield v1.2 for Zumo robot  can be plugged on an Arduino Uno or Leonardo board and connects directly to the batteries and micro gearmotors installed in the chassis for Zumo robot.

The Arduino shield v1.2 for Zumo robot includes:

  • A DRV8835 dual motor controller powerful enough to supply two high-powor metal micro gearmotors.
  • A piezo buzzer to produce sounds, controlled by a PWM output of the Arduino board
  • A L3GD20H module featuring a 3-axis gyroscope that can be used to track rotation. This is an addition over the previous version.
  • A LSM303DLHC module including a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis magnetometer. It can detect impacts and the global orientation of the robot.
    The version 1.2 also takes care of the interferences this module was getting from the motors and batteries, allowing this shield to be used for rough orientation measuring.
  • A 7.5V boost regulator to power the Arduino board from the Zumo robot's batteries
  • A reset button
  • An extra button and a led available for the programmer, an easy access to the Arduino's IO lines and a prototyping area to add extra sensors.

shield arduino for zumo robot pololu

Once the Arduino board and the Arduino shield for Zumo robot will be mounted on your Zumo chassis, you will only need to program your Zumo robot using the Arduino library available here (you will also find example code).

User's guide of the Arduino shield for Zumo robot.

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