Relay shield V2.0

Seeed Studio | A-000000-00739
The Relay shield V2.0 from Seed Studio will allow you to easily control high power motors from an Arduino board.
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Size Chart

The Relay shield V2.0 from SeedStudio is the ideal partner for your home made domotic applications. It has 4 relais so you can control high-power devices, such as motors, with your  Uno Arduino boardDuemilanove Arduino board or Leonardo Arduino board .

The Relay shield V2.0 from SeedStudio has a NC (Normaly Closed) and a NO (Normaly Open) interface to help you accomplish all your automation projects.

The Relay shield V2.0 come with 4 LEDs, indicating the state of each relay. Visit the Relay shield v2.0 wiki page to find out more about the Relay shield V2.0.

Caution: Before first use, place 2 layers of electrical tape on the top of the Arduino's usb connector. This will prevent the relay shield from making contact. Do not operate with voltage over 35V DC.


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