Button Mounting Kit for TurtleBot 2

| A-000000-00922
End of life product
The Button Mounting Kit for TurtleBot 2 can be quickly fitted to your TurtleBot 2 mobile base and will let you interact more easily with your mobile robot.

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Description of the Button Mounting Kit for TurtleBot 2

This Mounting Kit for TurtleBot 2 will let you add a new type of interface between you and your TurtleBot 2. It contains five arcade-type push buttons, one emergency stop-type button, and all the components needed to fit them to your TurtleBot 2.

As it is Arduino compatible, it’ll be easy for you to load your own firmware for interacting with your TurtleBot 2. As you can see in the photo below, the TurtleBot Button Mounting Kit contains all the mechanical elements required for fixing the other extensions in the “I Heart Engineering” range.


Whole TurtleBot mounted with extensions


Contents of the Push Button Mounting Kit for TurtleBot:

  • 5 arcade-type push buttons
  • 1 emergency stop-type push button
  • MDF panels and wire for push buttons
  • Arduino shield for buttons
  • Arduino board not included
  • Sold partly assembled
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