Energy Shield

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The perfect friend in order to supply your Arduino and their connected sensor. The Energy Shield accept several different supply source.
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Description of the Energy Shield :

The SeeeStudio Energy Shield will help you to supply the energetics needs of your Arduino project. The Energy Shield accept several supply source and give you 5 Volt regulated in output.

The Energy Shield got several connector in order to supply your Arduino and sensor. First of all the Energy Shield got an integtrated LiPo connecteur. An JST connector in order to plug some solar pannel, one DC jack barrel connector (9-12V). It can be supply by an USB cable via the USB connector.

If at least one of the supply source is connecting, the Energy Shield can provide 5 volt on his output pin. The Energy Shield can also reload your LiPo battery or supply the USB port in order to supply your USB device (smartphone for exemple).


Feature of the Energy Shield :

EnergyShield pour carte Arduino

  • Can be powered by several power source
  • Protected form voltage spike
  • More than 85% of efficiency
  • Status LED


Documentation of the Energy Shield :


For more information about this product, have a look at the specific wiki. For technical support, please refer to the specific forum

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