USB-Serial (RS-232) adapter
USB-Serial (RS-232) adapter

USB-Serial (RS-232) adapter

Parallax Inc. | A-000000-00792
Communicate with your RS-232 device directly from an USB port of your computer via this USB-Serial adapter from Parallax.
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Size Chart
Size Chart

Description of the USB-Serial (RS-232) adapter :


The USB-Serial adapter is at the same time low cost,  small size and powerfull. It will allow you to connect your Serial device directly to an USB port on your computeur. The device will appear as a COM port (tty).

The USB-Serial(RS-232) adapter from Parallax uses a male port in order to connect it into your RS-232 female device.

Connector RS232 male


Feature of the USB-Serial adapter:


  • Power requirements: Regulated 5 V from USB port or powered hub.
  • Communication: Full speed USB, full duplex serial from 300 baud to 3 Mbaud.
  • Operating temp range:0 to +70 °C

Download for the USB-Serial (RS-232)adapter :

 Driver for the USB-Serial adapter: Download

It is necessary to have one mini-USB cable not provide here in order to connect your USB-Serial adapter to your computer. This cable is provide in this pack

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