Breadboard Power Supply Stick 5V/3.3V

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Supply your low consumption circuit with this Power-Supply Stick 5V/3.3V. Can be directly plugged in the supply busses line.
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Description of the Breadboard Power Supply Stick 5V/3.3V

This is a very simple board, can be supplied by a 6-12V voltage input, and provides 5V or 3.3V output, depening on the state of the switch. In order to be interfaced with your breadboard, the breadboard power supply stick 5V/3.3V comes with some drill where header pins can be soldered.

It is possible to supply it with a DC jack or direcly by the pins provided for this purpose (+/-).

The two pairs of GND and VCC holes are spaced such that when connected to our basic breadboard both power busses will be powered.


Features of the Breadboard Power Supply Stick 5V/3.3V


  • 6-12V input voltage via barrel jack or 2-pin header
  • 3.3V or 5V regulated output voltage
  • ON/OFF switch
  • Output voltage select switch
  • Power status LED
  • PTC fuse protected power
  • 5.5x2.1mm center positive barrel jack

You can download the schematic of the PCB by clicking here

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