Arlo Robot Base Kit
Arlo Robot Base Kit
Arlo Robot Base Kit

Arlo Robot Base Kit

Parallax Inc. | A-000000-01052
Polyethylene Base plate of the Arlo robot. This base can be used to create your own indoor or outdoor mobile robot.
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Size Chart
Size Chart

Arlo Robot Base Kit

These structural components are those of Arlo robot but can be used as the base of your own robot. They are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and have pre-drilled holes. An additional plate and fasteners are provided to fix batteries (not included) for your robot. This additional plate was designed to accommodate one or two 12V batteries but can be used to attach the batteries of your choice with your own equipment fixation.

For example, these plates for mobile robot can be used to create a telepresence robot, indoor or outdoor surveillance robot…

The base is capable of supporting the weight of all required material since it has a payload that can reach 27kg depending on the wheels and their material structure :


These plates are the one that are used for the Arlo robot from Parallax.

Technical specifications of the structural plates for mobile robots

The technical specifications of the structural plates for Arlo robot are as follows:

  • Dimensions of the main plate: 0.95 cm thick with a diameter of 45.09 cm
  • Dimensions of the plate to fix batteries: 0.95 cm thick, 17.78 cm wide and 33.66 cm long
  • Total weight of the plates: 1.75 kg

With these two plates, a set of screws, nuts and screwdriver are provided.

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