Mobile robot ActivityBot for Education

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Discover the new robot from Parallax. The ArticivityBot is a small mobile robot for education. The robot is robust and has a wide range of features to learn robotics, electronics and programming. DISCONTINUED PRODUCT
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The Educational mobile robot ActivityBot

The Educational mobile robot ActivityBot is the last small robot from Parallax. The ActivityBot uses the same hardware architecture of its predecessors such as the Boe-Bot or the Boe-Shield. The difference is that, instead of using a basicStamp microcontroller or an Arduino board, the ActivityBot uses the Propeller microcontroller from Parallax. This microcontroller has 8 cores that can run in parallel which adds a lot of programming power to the ActivityBot.

Technical specifications of the educational mobile robot ActivityBot

The educational mobile robot ActivityBot has the following technical specifications:

The Propeller microcontroller

The Propeller microcontroller is a microcontroller developed by Parallax itself. The microcontroller is programmable either using high-level languages like C or SPIN (language specifically designed for the Propeller) or with a low level language as assembler.

Application development is simplified by the availability of native functions (pre-built objects) for video processing, management of the mouse or keyboard, or the management of sensors and other stepper motors not.

The originality of the Propeller microcontroller is that it has 8 cores also called "cog". Each of these cogs has 32 bits accessing 512 32-bit long words instruction and data CPU. All cogs have access to 32KB of RAM and 32KB of ROM shared through an internal bus called the hub.

Many tutorials on microcontrollers programming using the language Propeller C are available on . An IDE, as well as libraries and code examples are provided in addition to tutorials.

Programming the educational mobile robot ActivityBot

The ActivityBot is programmable in C using SimpleIDE, a free software that can be downloaded at

simpleIDE to program the microcontroller Propeller of the ActivityBot

Many tutorials and examples are available on the website of Parallax:

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