ELEV-8 Airframe & Hardware Kit - Hardware for personal UAV

Parallax Inc. | A-000000-00797
This hardware is the one that is used for the Elev-8 UAV and can be used to create your own UAV. DISCONTINUED PRODUCT
End of life product
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Size Chart
Size Chart

Hardware for personal UAV

This product contains all the hardware used on the Elev-8 quadcopter. With this kit, you can build your own UAV, using the electronics of your choice. The material provided can build a quadcopter drone.

Technical characteristics of the equipment supplied

  • Open underbody for camera systems to accommodate a camera
  • Technical files available online
  • 4-40 standard equipment
  • Modular system for quick repair
  • Mounting system to protect motors
  • 4 - Anodized 6061 5/8" - .035 aluminum round tube
  • Distance between a motor and the center of the structure: 660 mm
  • Dimensions of the main structure: 177 mm X 177 mm X 177 mm
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