Wheelphone robot

Wheelphone robot

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Make your mobile phone really mobile with the Wheelphone robot.
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Size Chart

Wheelphone robot is the perfect combination between a robot and a smartphone. It can become a game, a companion or a home surveillance robot. Wheelphone robot features speed controlled wheels that you can operate from your Android smartphone or iPhone.


Package content of the Wheelphone robot:

  • The Wheelphone robot:
  • iPhone adapters (iPhone 4)
  • A wide-angle lens


The Wheelphone robot capabilities:

The following video shows some of the capabilties of the Wheelphone robot.



The Wheelphone robot specifications:


The following picture shows the main components of the Wheelphone robot

figure display components Wheelphone robot


Start using your Wheelphone robot today thanks to the numerous resources available.


Wheelphone robot technical specifications:

  • Size & weight: 92 mm width, 102 mm length, 68 mm height, 200 g
  • Battery, autonomy: LiPo rechargeable battery (1600 mAh, 3.7 V). About 3.5 hours autonomy (motors running at middle speed continuously). Recharging time about 1h45
  • Two options to charge: with a micro USB female connector in front of the robot, 500mA with 2 golden contacts in front and the relative docking station, 1000mA
  • Processor: MMicrochip PIC24FJ64GB004 @ 16MHz (8 MIPS); 16 bit microcontroller + the one of the phone
  • Memory: RAM: 8 KB; Flash: 64 KB + the one of the phone
  • Motors: 2 DC motors with gear; speed controlled (forward direction) with backEMF
  • Max. Speed: 30 cm/s
  • IR sensors: 4 infra-red sensors measuring ambient light and proximity of objects up to 6 cm (placed on the front-side of the robot), 4 ground sensors detecting cliffs or color differences (placed on the bottom-front-side of the robot)
  • 4 capteurs au sol detectant les pentes ou les différences de couleurs (placés à l'avant au sol du robot)
  • LEDs: 1 red/green LED (charging/charged indicator)
  • Communication: Android: USB high speed; iPhone: sound cable
  • Additional connectors: 1 USB connector (type A) as alternative to the micro USB cable
  • Programming: Android SDK, iOS SDK /li>
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