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The Shield Bot is a stackable Arduino Shield that transforms your Arduino into a fully featured beginner robot. DISCONTINUED ARTICLE.
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Size Chart

The Shield Bot is a stackable Arduino Shield that transforms your Arduino into a fully featured beginner robot.

Shield-bot, an easy-to-use Arduino shield

The Shield Bot has been designed with on board line following sensors and full of expansion ports, helping you to learn about robotics, electronics and programming.

Shield-bot features

  • Easy to start: The Shieldbot is plug & play, so can be ready to use within a few minutes
  • Expandable: solderless grove expansion ports enable easy attachment of more sensors, and shield headers allow the use of additional Arduino shields
  • Open Source: Its designed to be modified, adapted and transformed into whatever you want!
  • Arduino Based: The Shieldbot is an Arduino shield, so the extensive Arduino community and shield ecosystem will make your project ideas limitless!

Shield-bot specifications:

  • 5x IR reflectance sensors for line and edge following
  • 900 mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • Two durable 160:1 micro metal gearmotors
  • 6x Grove expansion ports
  • Stackable shield headers

Shield-bot functional interface

Shield-bot functional interface

  • Power Switch: When ShieldBot is off, The shield bot can not run. But you can use the USB Charge Port to charge for battery
  • USB Charge Port: USB mini-B, used for charging for battery.
  • Grove Ports: Grove ports access pins D0, D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, A4, A5.can connect Grove modules to these Grove ports
  • IR Line Finder Potentiometer: Used for adjusting the Line Finders Sensitivity
  • IR Line Finders: S1 to S5. Blue if non reflective surface is detected (ex Black tape line)
  • Enable Switch: Turn switch towards "ON" to connect line finders to I/O pins(Occupied pins are A0,A1,A2,A3,D4) of Arduino
  • Arduino Shield Expansion Headers: Shield Bot can stack other Arduino shields

Note about Shield-bot functional interface

  • If S5 is enabled you can’t use grove ports j14 and j13.
  • You may only use ONE of the arduino’s serial line, uart grove port or j11 as they all share the D1/TX line

Grove Starter Kit Plus is ROHS compliant

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