1 year Application Validation Service subscription

Share your applications on the NAO Store, by suscribing for 12 months to the NAO store application validation service.

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Share your applications on the NAO Store, by suscribing for 12 months to the NAO store application validation service.

Introducing the NAO store, the NAO applications digital distribution platform for programmable humanoid NAO Next Gen robot

NAO Next Gen offers developers a unique feature: being able to create and distribute thousands of applications to enhance NAO's capabilities.

NAO store takes the form of a typical application online store, where NAO Next Gen owners can browse through different categories and genres of applications (such as for example, education, fun, and games), view information and their reviews, purchase them, and then automatically download and install it via WiFi on their programmable humanoid NAO Next Gen robot.


12 months NAO Store Application Validation Service subscription

Owners of NAO can exploit NAO's capabilities and its intuitive software suite to distribute their applications on the NAO store and grow NAO Next Gen robots potential.


Application validation service 
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Application validation service 12 months subscription

Like other application stores, NAO store is curated by Aldebaran Robotics, NAO Next Gen manufacturer, requiring that submissions go through an approval process where applications are inspected for compliance with certain guidelines (such as those for quality control and censorship). With this service you can subscribe for 12 months, and publish as many applications as you want during this time.

Checklist of the inspected elements for the NAO Store Application Validation service

The following checklist gives an overview of the different points during the application validation process before publishing them on the NAO store. NOTE: This list is not exhaustive.

Key aspects of the Application Validation process

  • Title of the application is valid and NAO Next Gen can pronounce it
  • Manifest is OK (Trigger words work and conform to NAO Store rules)
  • Application is in English
  • Description is synthetic and easy to understand
  • Application image does not infringe copyright
  • Quality application image
  • Video presenting application is available on the application description page


Human and NAO Next Gen safety

  • NAO Next Gen does not hurt itself
  • NAO Next Gen does not fall (frequently)
  • NAO Next Gen does not ask owner to do something dangerous
  • NAO Next Gen does not modify its system image


Applications execution

  • The application must not have any obvious flaws or bugs
  • The application must be responsive
  • The application must respect ethic codes
  • The application can be exited in a standard way (a steady pat on the head tactil touch)
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