Vacuum Gripper Starter Kit for Baxter and Sawyer

Vacuum Gripper Starter Kit for Baxter and Sawyer

Rethink Robotics | A-000000-01196

The new vacuum gripper for Baxter and Sawyer robots from Rethink Robotics

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Size Chart
Size Chart

Vacuum Gripper Starter Kit for Baxter

This Vacuum Cup gripper for the robot Baxter is a pneumatic gripper that works by suction. The Baxter Vacuum Cup Gripper Kit allow a maximum payload of up to five pounds.

The second generation of Vacuum gripper for Baxter

This vacuum gripper for Baxter is the second generation. This new version has been totally re-engineered for more power and more flexibility compared to the old version.
Rethink Robotics announce a better grasping performance via increased vacuum flow (over 4x the old kit). The vacuum gripper also allows a faster grip and release performance. Last but not least, this new vacuum gripper for Baxter features a latching valve so Baxter will no longer drop parts when power is lost and also a robust manifold block mounting point, providing more options for distributing / configurating vacuum grippers.

Content of the Vacuum Gripper Starter Kit for Baxter

The Vacuum Gripper Starter kit contains:

  • The gripper base platform
  • Valves
  • A vacuum ejector kit
  • 3 different suction cups
  • 6mm tubing
  • Transport case and documentation

You will need a small compressor supplying air (filtered and without oil) with a pressure between 60 PSI and 90 PSI.

The following video features the new Vacuum Gripper Starter kit (together with the Vacuum Array gripper Pack) on the manufacturing version of Baxter:

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