Gadgeteer Power Extender Module

GHI Electronics | A-000000-01032
A Gadgeteer Power Extender Module making your Gadgeteer devices more efficient and less energy-dependent from Gadgeteer boards. DISCONTINUED ARTICLE.
End of life product

Size Chart
Size Chart

Gadgeteer Power Extender Module

This Gadgeteer module allows you to connect a power extender to Gadgeteer modules that won't depend from the Gadgeteer board for their main power source. This module can get plugged between a Gadgeteer board and your device modules. Digital signals exchanged by the board and the Gadgeteer modules are not modified but electrical power is maintained by the external module, allowing you to create devices ready to handle more power.

This Gadgeteer Power Extender Module allows you to connect up to 4 modules thanks to its 4 sockets.

Technical specifications of he Gadgeteer Power Extender Module

  • Size: 27.03mm x 87.92mm
  • Weight : 13g

A Gadgeteer cable is provided with this Gadgeteer Power Extender Module.

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