SmartUPS Uninterruptible Power Supply (PiUPS)

SmartUPS Uninterruptible Power Supply (PiUPS)

SmartUPS Uninterruptible Power Supply (PiUPS)
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With the Uninterruptible Power Supply for Raspberry Pi, your board becomes safe and autonomous thanks to a rechargeable-battery system.

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SmartUPS Raspberry Pi power supply: continuous use

UPS stands for uninterruptible power supply, which means you can rest assured your Raspberry Pi will continue functioning even in case of power failure.

It works with 3 rechargeable AA batteries connected to an integrated battery charger circuit, which accumulates energy when your Pi is connected to the mains, and restores it if the power suddenly fails. All without ever causing your Raspberry Pi to abruptly shut down.

SmartUPS (Pi UPS): keep an eye on your battery level

The Pi UPS includes a battery monitoring system connected to status LEDs, which means you can keep an eye on the battery level to determine exactly when you need to reconnect your system to recharge your batteries.

This surveillance system also ensures the voltage supplied to your Raspberry Pi is always stable.

Technical specifications of the SmartUPS Uninterruptible Power Supply (Pi UPS)

  • Integrated battery monitoring system
  • Visual LED alerts
  • Rechargeable batteries: 3 AA NiMH
  • UI button to send commands to your Raspberry Pi
  • Compatible with models A, B, B+ and Pi2


Resources for the Pi UPS

Below you’ll find all the links to some comprehensive online documentation!

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