E-Health Complete Kit
E-Health Complete Kit
E-Health Complete Kit

E-Health Complete Kit

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The E-Health Sensor Platform Complete Kit by Cooking Hacks allows you to perform a great many biometric measurements via your Arduino, Raspberry Pi or Intel Galileo board. DISCONTINUED ARTICLE.
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Size Chart

E-Health Complete Kit: 9 sensors for an accurate medical diagnosis

The E-Health Complete Kit includes 9 biometric sensors allowing you to measure many of the body’s vital signs: pulse, oxygenation level, temperature, blood pressure, etc. These 9 sensors can be connected either to your Arduino or Intel Galileo board, or to a Raspberry Pi.

If you would like to use your "E-Health sensor platform" kit with a Raspberry Pi then you will need a Raspberry Pi to Arduino Shields Bridge.

These 10 sensors are accompanied by a V2.0 shield for Arduino and Raspberry Pi to which your sensors will be connected. The information collected can then be sent via its 6 connectors: WiFi, 3G, GPRS, Bluetooth, 802.15.4 and ZigBee.

Uses of the E-Health Complete Kit

By gathering a huge set of biometric measurements in this way, you’ll then be able to analyse these data, either in the context of a medical diagnosis, or for monitoring individual sports performance. This kit is particularly suited to scientists, developers and sporting types interested in electronics who want to create their own biometric measuring tool.

Note however: the E-Health Complete Kit is not a specialist medical device. It must not be used for monitoring and diagnosing patients in a critical state, or whose state of health requires specific and professional care.

Below is a video showing some examples of how the E-Health Complete Kit can be used:


Technical specifications of the E-Health Complete Kit

NOTE: This kit doesn't contain any Arduino or Raspberry boards, so make sure you purchase one with this kit.

  • 9 sensors:
    • pulse and oxygen levels in the blood (SPO2)
    • breathing
    • body temperature
    • ECG
    • blood glucose monitor
    • sweating - GSR
    • blood pressure (new)
    • accelerometer
    • electromyography (EMG) (new)
  • 1 E-Health shield for Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  • Connectivity: WiFi; 3G; GPRS; Bluetooth; 802.15.4; ZigBee


Resources for the E-Health Complete Kit

The resources below contain documents that will help you get started more rapidly with the E-Health Complete Kit:

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