Grove Heart Rate Sensor

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The Grove Heart Rate Sensor is an extremely useful device for monitoring performance and physiological data for sportsmen and women and athletes.
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Grove Heart Rate Sensor: Measure your progress in concrete terms

Improvements in the physical condition of an athlete or even a weekend sportsman can be monitored by measuring the cardiac rhythm. The MED03212P Grove Heart Rate Sensor picks up the pulses via an ear clip, then via a reception module, which can be transmitted to a screen and recorded.

Grove Heart Rate Sensor: A portable and economical heart sensor

The Grove Heart Rate Sensor is highly sensitivity and consumes very little power. Light and handy, it is easy to wear during a sports session with no risk of the measurements being inaccurate.

Technical specifications of the Grove Heart Rate Sensor

  • Connection: Grove Base Shield or Mega Shield digital input (Arduino/Seeeduino board)
  • Consumption: 7 mA
  • Supply voltage range: 3–5 V
  • Complies with the RoHS standard
  • Ear clip cable length: 120 cm
  • High sensitivity, lightweight
  • Connectors not compatible with TinkerKit

Note: This module is not suitable for a medical monitoring or safety device.

Resources for the Grove Heart Rate Sensor

A wiki page is available online to help you get started with your Grove Heart Rate Sensor.

Grove Heart Rate Sensor EAGLE files

Grove Heart Rate Sensor EAGLE files

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