Gadgeteer BreadBoard X1 Module

GHI Electronics | A-000000-01024
The Gadgeteer BreadBoard X1 Module lets you connect circuits together without soldering: a fast, easy way to test out a project before you set about building it!
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Size Chart

Experiment with your Gadgeteer projects using the BRBX1-GM-454 X1 module

The BreadBoard module, for your Gadgeteer projects, will let you temporarily connect your circuits up in a flash (without soldering) so that you can test your projects. In addition, the BRBX1-GM-454 X1 module has 4 LEDs and an on-off switch to help you manage the input and output currents.

Actual applications for the GHI Electronics Gadgeteer BreadBoard Module

The Gadgeteer BreadBoard by GHI Electronics is a valuable educational tool for electronics teachers who want to quickly show their students how to put a circuit together. It also offers a good prototyping circuit for engineers and electronics enthusiasts.

Technical specifications of the Gadgeteer BRBX1-GM-454 BreadBoard X1 Module

  • 1 Gadgeteer cable supplied
  • 4 onboard LEDs and 1 button

Resources for the Gadgeteer BreadBoard X1 Module

The following resources contain links and documents that will help you get started more rapidly.

Diagram of the Gadgeteer BreadBoard X1 Module

Diagram of the Gadgeteer BreadBoard X1 Module

The Gadgeteer BreadBoard X1 Module developers’ site

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