Gadgeteer Null Modem Module

GHI Electronics | A-000000-01030
End of life product
The Gadgeteer Null Modem Module has 2 U sockets for connecting two boards or two Gadgeteer modules together.

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Size Chart
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Gadgeteer NULLM-GM-498 Module: Construct your own network

Via its two U sockets, the NULLM-GM-498 Null Modem Module lets you easily connect together two boards with their various modules, or two different modules directly to each other. The module is supplied with its own Gadgeteer cable.

The Null Modem Module by GHI Electronics: Connection example

The NULLM-GM-498 Null Modem Module by GHI Electronics will, for example, let you connect your RN171 module to a USB serial module to give your project a Wi-Fi connection, and therefore make it possible to control your project remotely!

Technical specifications of the Gadgeteer Null Modem Module by GHI Electronics

  • 2 x U sockets
  • 1 Gadgeteer cable supplied
  • Consumption @ 3.3 V: None
  • Consumption @ 5 V: None
  • Dimensions : 20x20x7mm
  • Weight: Less than 1 g
  • Complies with the RoHS standard
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