TurtleBot Kinect Modification Kit
TurtleBot Kinect Modification Kit

TurtleBot Kinect Modification Kit

I Heart Engineering, Inc. | A-000000-00918

This kit contains the connector parts needed to modify a Kinect power cable to work with the TurtleBot power system

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Size Chart
Size Chart

Description of the Modification Kit for Kinect

This modification kit for the Microsoft Kinect sensor will let you directly connect the supply for your Kinect sensor to the 12 V / 1.5 A supply terminal block on your Kobuki base, circled in red in the photo below:

Base Kobuki

This allows you to free up a USB port on the laptop and use it for communicating with other peripherals.

The modification kit for Kinect contains:

  • A Kobuki-compatible connector
  • A pair of contact sockets for connecting the supply wires from your Kinect sensor
  • A protective sleeve to protect your connections
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