Grove Magnetic Switch

Grove Magnetic Switch

Grove Magnetic Switch
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COM11335P Magnetic Switch: a small Grove module that’s really handy for playing the magician or simply creating a sensor for building in to a measuring device… or in a contemporary lamp!
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Grove Magnetic Switch: simple to use

The COM11335P Magnetic Switch is a Grove module based quite simply on the action of a CT10 SPST reed switch, solidly encapsulated within the module. To operate this switch, you just need to bring an electromagnet, a magnet, or a combination of the two close to it, to operate the flexible reed within the module.

This module is to be connected to one of the “binary” input ports of your Arduino, via a Grove base Shield or Mega Shield board.

Uses of the COM11335P Magnetic Switch

You can use this tool when creating sensors and measuring instruments: proximity, pulse, or level detectors, etc. Incorporated into a contemporary design project, this module can also let you open and close a circuit simply by getting close to the module – for a lamp that can be turned on using a single contact, for example!

Technical specifications of the COM11335P Magnetic Switch Grove module

  • Grove-compatible interface
  • CT10 SPST reed switch with normally-open ruthenium contacts
  • Breaking capacity: 10 W max.
  • Working voltage: 200 Vdc max.
  • Operating temperature: -40 to +120 °C
  • Dimensions: 20x20 mm

Technical resources for the Grove Magnetic Switch

The following links will take you to documents that will help you get quickly started with the Grove Magnetic Switch:

Datasheet of the Grove Magnetic Switch

Datasheet of the Grove Magnetic Switch

Eagle files of the Grove Magnetic Switch

Eagle files of the Grove Magnetic Switch

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