IR Speed Remote Control
IR Speed Remote Control

IR Speed Remote Control

Lego | A-000000-00828
What would a Lego robot be without its essential infrared remote control? The 8879 IR Speed Remote Control from Lego is going to put you in the running to beat some speed records! AUSLAUFARTIKEL.
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Size Chart
Size Chart

Lego 8879 Remote Control: easy to use and lots of possibilities

When you hold your remote control you will note: 2 big round buttons (red and blue) letting you control two different motors, increasing or decreasing their power. Each of these commands is accompanied by a “Stop” button for braking. You can also change the direction of the command sent (depending on your model of robot), and transmit your signal over 4 different infrared channels.

IR Speed Remote Control: customise it!

The construction interface lets you plug different remote controls together (for controlling more than two motors or servo motors), or simply to modify your IR Speed Remote Control according to your needs and discoveries.

Technical specifications of the Lego 8879 IR Speed Remote Control

  • Supply: 3 x 1.5 V AAA cells (alkaline or rechargeable) not supplied
  • Requires a Power Functions infrared receiver and battery box (not supplied)
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