T'Rex Controller

T'Rex Controller

T'Rex Controller
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Are you sure you’re prepared for the full power of the T’Rex? This Arduino-compatible RS036 controller might not look like the Jurassic predator, but it nonetheless offers some quite magnificent possibilities: for example controlling 2 motors at once!
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T’Rex Controller: A board designed for powerful robots!

It has to be said that this controller, equipped with the ATMega328P microcontroller known for its exceptional performance (including 32 KB of flash memory and 2 KB of RAM), has been designed to help you rapidly create and operate your own mobile robots: it is capable of controlling two brushed motors simultaneously (up to 9A each, 40A max.). Once both your motors are connected to the T’Rex, you have nothing to worry about: both will then be equipped with electronic brakes and a PTC fuse system protecting them from stalling problems. The T’Rex Controller can also power and control your servos, deliver current for your motors and is equipped with one 6 Vdc regulator and another 5 Vdc regulator. The icing on the cake: it also has a built-in 3-axis accelerometer providing angle, acceleration and impact data, so nothing will escape you!

Programming and controlling the T’Rex Controller

As with all Arduino-compatible controllers, the T’Rex Controller offers an open source environment providing many programming examples suitable for the included Arduino Nano bootloader. The programs available with T’Rex can be downloaded via the built-in USB interface, or using its ISP or FTDI pins. It also has a Bluetooth port that allows it, with the appropriate module, to be controlled by an Android tablet or smartphone.

Below is an image showing the T’Rex Controller’s various components:

T’Rex Controller’s various components

Technical specifications of the T’Rex Controller

  • ATMega328P microcontroller
  • Arduino-compatible controller (Bootloader: Arduino Nano)
  • Input voltage: 6–30 Vdc (battery/AC adaptor not included)
  • 9A dual H-bridge motor driver with fuse protection
  • 6 Vdc and 5 Vdc regulators for servos, sensors and logic voltage
  • 3-axis accelerometer: angle, acceleration, impact
  • TTL serial, I2C, USB interface
  • Dimensions: 112 x 60 x 30 mm

Resources for the T’Rex Controller

The documents and sites found below will help you get started more rapidly with the T’Rex Controller:

T’Rex Controller user guide

T’Rex Controller user guide

T’Rex Controller webpage

T’Rex Controller example code

T’Rex Controller I2C example code

Android app for the T’Rex Controller (Bluetooth module required)

Data sheet
Number of channels
Max amps per channel
3,2-9 A
With STO
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