Pulse Sensor Amped

Pulse Sensor Amped

Pulse Sensor Amped
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The Pulse Sensor Amped is a new and improved version of the original pulse sensor created by Adafruit for Arduino and compatible that offers an even clearer, even louder sound!
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Pulse Sensor Amped: The plug-and-play kit

With this Pulse Sensor Amped kit, Adafruit has provided everything you need to rapidly and efficiently measure a heartbeat: an ear clip, a finger strap, transparent stickers to protect the sensor from sweat, not to mention of course the cable to be connected to your Arduino (3 or 5V)! It allows you to quickly and effectively connect your pulse sensor to your Arduino board and immediately use it in your projects. In addition, with this new version of the pulse sensor created by Adafruit you will perceive heartbeats more clearly and benefit from an effective noise reduction system.

Possible uses of the Adafruit Pulse Sensor Amped

Technically speaking, it is of course possible to use this sensor with students in experiments and for practical work, or to produce physiological measurement devices, but measuring this type of physiological signal can also be useful for more complex projects, for example by game developers or by musicians and artists looking for new sounds.

Technical specifications of the Adafruit Pulse Sensor Amped

The kit contains:

  • 1 x 24-inch (approx. 60 cm) tricolour (black/purple/red) cable with standard male plug connectors, to be connected directly to an Arduino board or breadboard (no soldering)
  • 1 Arduino-compatible pulse sensor, with 3 small holes to sew it where you like
  • 1 ear clip, perfectly sized to the sensor, which can be attached with strong glue or epoxied to the ear clip
  • Finger strap Velcro (another very effective way of getting pulse data!)
  • 4 protective transparent vinyl stickers
  • Visualization software created when developing the sensor
  • RoHS compliant

Resources for the Pulse Sensor Amped

The links below lead to information that will help you get to grips with the Pulse Sensor Amped:

Pulse Sensor Amped user guide

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