Open Parts Library-Basic v2

Open Parts Library-Basic v2

Open Parts Library-Basic v2
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Room for manoeuvre is important when working on prototyping and development projects. The Open Parts Library-Basic v2 provides a hundred or so different electronic components so you can create, adapt, and repair your creations to your heart’s content.

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KIT01900M Open Parts Library: more than 90 carefully chosen components

This impressive OPL (Open Parts Library) includes a variety of parts meeting all the necessary requirements for use by electronic project designers and programmers:

  • Chosen for being highly compatible with most of the hardware on the market, these are all commonly-used parts serving a variety of purposes: connectors, terminal blocks, transistors, microcontrollers, regulators... nothing’s missing!
  • They are all high-quality, robust, and reliable components.
  • They meet DFM guidelines to ensure you get the best possible results with a minimum of bother, right from the test phase.
  • All the parts come in batches, to prevent rapid stock depletion. If the worst comes to the worst and you do run out, all the parts are readily available from your usual supplier.
  • The components are delivered to you in a plastic box with three compartments, each divided into small, labelled sections. Being well organised can prove extremely useful in electronics, especially when you embark on more complex projects!

Plus you can freely download the Eagle library to install and use the parts.

KIT01900M OPL-Basic v2: a new version

This second version of the indispensable OPL is not only 40% lighter compared with the weight of the original version but also 10% cheaper, and it comes in a much more resistant packaging.

Technical specifications of the KIT01900M Open Parts Library-Basic v2

  • More than 90 different electronic parts for all types of electronic projects
  • Free download of the Eagle library
  • Come in a 3-tier storage box with different compartments
  • Lighter and more economical than v1

Resources for the Open Parts Library-Basic v2

Find out more about the Open Parts Library-Basic v2 in the following documents:

Open Parts Library-Basic v2 Wiki

OPL Eagle Library (download)

OPL Eagle Library (download)

Full list of components

Full list of components

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