S7V8A Adjustable Voltage Regulator

S7V8A Adjustable Voltage Regulator

S7V8A Adjustable Voltage Regulator
Pololu Robotics & Electronics | A-000000-01077
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The 2118 S7V8A Adjustable Voltage Regulator is a small Arduino-compatible module that will produce the output current you need depending on your project and your batteries’ charge level!
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S7V8A Adjustable Voltage Regulator: a true chameleon!

Once installed, this tiny module (17 mm long) develops amazing adaptation skills!
It’s capable, if necessary, of lowering or raising the input voltage to produce an adjustable output voltage of between 2.5 and 8V, all with more than 90% accuracy!

Yep, that’s right, depending on your situation you can produce an output voltage higher than, lower than, or even equivalent to your input voltage.

Operating and using the 2118 Adjustable Voltage Regulator

As for power, the 2118 Adjustable Voltage Regulator module can deliver up to 1A continuous when operating in step-down mode (output voltage lower than the input voltage). In step-up mode (output voltage greater than the input voltage), the power decreases as the voltage differential increases.

The advantages of such a device? To carry on powering your project, continuously, even when the batteries supplying its energy discharge, and to power it with the right voltage even if your batteries are delivering a higher voltage than necessary!

Technical specifications of the 2118 Adjustable Voltage Regulator

  • Arduino-compatible module
  • Input voltage: 2.7–11.8V
  • Adjustable output voltage: 2.5–8V
  • Output current: 500 mA to 1A
  • Built-in over-temperature and short-circuit protection
  • Power-saving system for maximum efficiency even with a quiescent current of less than 0.3 mA
  • Dimensions: 11 x 17 x 3 mm



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