Arduino 125 kHz RFID Kit
Arduino 125 kHz RFID Kit

Arduino 125 kHz RFID Kit

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The essential kit for getting started with RFID! In addition it's Arduino compatible! DISCONTINUED.
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Arduino 125 kHz RFID Kit: Essential for getting started with RFID

If like many electronics hobbyists you’re interested in RFID technology, then don’t hesitate to explore it. And this Arduino compatible 125 kHz RFID Kit is a great way to begin. It includes:

These are the basic ingredients for DIY creation based on RFID technology: you can use the 125 kHz RFID module as an RFID reader, and with certain badges it can also become an RFID writer (writing to an RFID card). It all depends on whether you want to use a read-only board (EM4100) or programmable boards (type T5557).

And remember that using an shield XBee, will make it all the easier to connect your RFID module to your Arduino Uno board.

Arduino 125 kHz RFID Kit: some application examples

To be honest, the possibilities offered by RFID are so numerous that your own imagination will take you far beyond all the examples we could give you. From the most basic to the most daring, possibilities include a door whose opening is controlled by RFID, an RFID shelving unit in your wine cellar providing information about the bottles stored there (very useful when the labels become unreadable!) and a toy capable of reacting to its surroundings. So start out with a simple RFID module and its board, then add numerous sensors and actuators to join in the fun!

Technical specifications of the Arduino 125 kHz RFID Kit:

  • RFID chip: Sonmicro SM125
  • UART interface: up to 115200 bps
  • I2C interface: up to 400 kHz
  • Supports Atmel / Temic T55xx and EM4102 (Unique) tags
  • Supports Manchester RF/64, Manchester RF/32 modulation


Resources for the Arduino Uno 125 kHz RFID Kit

Check out these two tutorials to get rapidly started with your Arduino RFID Kit :

Cooking Hacks module tutorial

Small video tutorial for an installation using RFID card reading 

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