Salae Logic-to-Wires
Salae Logic-to-Wires
Salae Logic-to-Wires

Salae Logic-to-Wires

Saleae Logic Analyzer | A-000000-01195
Explore new possibilities with the Logic-to-Wires for Salae Logic and Salae Logic16 analyzers.
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Size Chart
Size Chart

More about the Salae Logic-to-Wires

One side of this Logic-to-Wires cable harness plugs into the Saleae Logic or the Saleae Logic 16; and the other side of the cable is pre-stripped. The Logic-to-Wires cable features ultra-flexible wires for an optimal connection.

Uses for the Salae Logic-to-Wires

The Logic-to-Wires will enable you to connect any PCBs to your Salae analyzers (Logic or Logic 16) thus allowing you to track the most common PCBs bugs and interconnection issues!

The Salae Logic and Logic 16 analyzers high sampling frequencies means you will be able to have access to the a great number of communication buses !

Technical specifications for the Salae Logic-to-Wires

  • Features 9 ultra-flexible wires
  • Length: 9in
  • One side of this cable comes pre-stripped
  • Only compatible with the Salae Analyzer Logic and the Salae Analyzer Logic 16
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