Motorless NXT Gripper

Motorless NXT Gripper

Motorless NXT Gripper
Lynxmotion | A-000000-00891
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Don’t know what to do with your HS-422 servo motors? The Motorless NXT Gripper will let you add a little extra to your Lego NXT robot or VEX robot!
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LG-NS NXT Gripper: the natural extension to your robot’s arm

The LG-NS NXT Gripper can be easily fitted to a great many robotised arms, using just a screwdriver, as long as you can provide it with the 2 servos it needs:

  • 1 x HS-422 servo to operate gripper closing and opening (maximum opening of 30 mm)
  • 1 × HS-422 servo to operate the gripper rotation on your robot’s arm (up to 180°)


Once connected to your 2 servos, this Motorless NXT Gripper for Lego Mindstorms or VEX robots can be operated from your SSC32 board or your microcontroller.

The Lego NXT Gripper is designed to last: made of gas-assisted injection moulded ABS, it is both strong and robust!

With which robots can you use your Motorless NXT Gripper?

The Motorless NXT Gripper can be fitted to your Lego Mindstorms and Lego NXT robots. It’s also compatible with VEX robots, found in robotics fun learning kits. This gripper for robotised arms is also compatible with Lynxmotion chassis.

Technical specifications of the LG-NS Gripper

  • Can be controlled using an SSC32 board or a microcontroller
  • Material: Injection moulded ABS
  • Dimensions: 65 × 57 × 30 mm (no servos)
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