MOSS Exofabulatronixx 5200

MOSS Exofabulatronixx 5200

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The Exofabulatronixx 5200 kit is the most advanced of the MOSS family, the new robotics kits created by Modular Robotics (who already brought us Cubelets). User-friendly and easy to build, you will be able to create hundreds of different robots! This set is especially well suited for the beginners! DISCONTINUED ARTICLE.
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A new generation of modular robots

MOSS is the latest generation of programmable robots released by Modular Robotics, who already brought us the Cubelets!

Ideal if you are starting out in robotics the MOSS robotics sets are modular and made up mainly of simple shaped components (cubes, wheels, spheres).

The way you connect these components together will determine your robot’s behavior. Every block features magnet-backed corners, and the different blocks come together thanks to a clever system of little steel spheres snapping onto these magnets!

MOSS blocks assembly

This unique building concept aims to give more flexibility to the robots when they move, and makes it much easier to assemble the various components.

Each face of the building cubes is colour-coded. There are 4 colours, each of them indicates a different functionality:

  • Green conducts Power
  • Brown conducts Data In
  • Red conducts Date Out
  • Blue is for Pass Through (Power or Data)


Code couleurs des kits robotiques MOSS

Let your imagination run wild!

The Exofabulatronixx 1600 set by MOSS comes with a very handy quick start guide which will enable you to quickly grasp MOSS building system. This manual also features a few robots building instructions, which are clearly inspired by dinosaurs and other creatures, making this set especially popular with the youngsters!

But you can also let your imagination run wild and build your very own creations. The various motors and sensors enable your robots to interact with their environment and explore the world around them!

Control your robot from your smartphone

Unlike the Zombonitron 1600 set, the Exofabulatronixx model comes with a unique block, the “double brain” block! This little cube will allow you to connect your creations to any of your iOS or Android devices via Bluetooth, thus bringing a new dimension to the interactions of your robots with their environment!

3 free applications are available:

  • The application MOSS Control, with its user-friendly interface, will allow you to control your MOSS robots from your smartphone or your tablet.
  • The application MOSS Log is very useful if you want to use the robots you built to survey your environment. This app will collect and analyse any data that passes through your robots sensor blocks!
    • Available for iOS
  • Have a go at digital painting! The MOSS Sketch app will enable your robot to draw on its own on your device screen. A rather fun app!
    • Available for iOS


Discover robotics one block at a time…

The great thing with robotics (in addition to be fun!) is that it serves as a springboard to learn many other things! While playing with their Exofabulatronixx 1600 set, your children will learn new concepts such as basic principles in engineering, programming, kinetics or robotics systems

This type of game is just ideal to stimulate one’s scientific curiosity and creative mind!

Technical specification for the Exofabulatronixx 1600 set by MOSS

The Exofabulatronixx 5200 set includes:

  • 1x Double Brain Block
  • 1x Extended Battery Block
  • 1x Mic Sensor Block
  • 2x Flashlight Block
  • 2x Brightness Sensor Block
  • 2x Proximity Sensor Block
  • 2x Knob Sensor Block
  • 2x Pivot Block
  • 2x Short Flexy Block
  • 2x Long Flexy Block
  • 2x Motor Block
  • 2x Axle Block
  • 2x Long Brace
  • 3x Short Brace
  • 4x Arch Brace
  • 4x Corner Brace
  • 4x Wheel
  • 6x Hub Block
  • 8x Corner Block
  • 140x steel spheres


ATTENTION: the Exofabulatronixx 1600 robotics kit features small steel spheres, and is not suitable for children younger than 8 year old.

Resources for the Exofabulatronixx 1600 set by MOSS

Many resources have been uploaded online so you can quickly make the most of your new MOSS robotics set!

Instruction manual for the MOSS Exofabulatronixx 1600

Instruction manual for the MOSS Exofabulatronixx 1600 

Quick Start Guide

Robot recipes

How to connect the double brain block to your Android an iOS devices

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