Matrice de Led 6x8 + Backpack - Ultra Bright Square Amber LEDs

16x8 LED Matrix

Matrice de Led 6x8 + Backpack - Ultra Bright Square Amber LEDs
Adafruit Industries | A-000000-01625
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The 16x8 LED Matrix marketed by Adafruit is in reality a complete kit that includes two 8x8 LED displays and their controller driver, and which can be easily implemented and integrated into all your DIY projects!
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16x8 LED Matrix: combine two 8x8 LED displays with a minimum of fuss

The 16x8 LED Matrix kit allows you to control 2 ultra-bright LED displays (8x8) simply using an HT16K33 controller driver. This can be connected to numerous boards, for example the Arduino and Raspberry Pi, plus many other compatible microcontrollers.

The advantage of this kit, as you’ll have guessed, is that it can be used to control 2 light displays in a coordinated manner without multiplying the number of wires. With two 8x8 LED displays, you have a total of 128 LEDs, which would normally require a total of 24 connection pins.

With the 2041 Adafruit kit you’ll need only 2 pins to do all this work, thanks to the HT16K33 circuit which has an internal clock that multiplexes the information on each display.

In practice, you’ll nonetheless need to solder these 2 displays to their HT16K33 controller. But it shouldn’t take any more than about 10 minutes, which is nothing compared to the time you’d need to connect two 8x8 LED displays with your microcontroller.

And the kit has an added bonus, the displays’ high-quality display and colour, which offer quite an impressive brightness.

Adafruit 2041 16x8 LED-Matrix Tetris game

The pack includes two 8x8 LED displays, one HT16K33 controller and one 4-pin connector.

Uses for the 16x8 LED Matrix

The possibilities are endless! You can for example create Tetris-type video games (some have even managed to integrate the matrix into a pumpkin!), or a program allowing you to scroll text from one display to another or displaying data – the combined use of 2 displays has never been easier, so sit back and give free rein to your imagination.

Technical specifications of the 16x8 LED Matrix

  • Interface: I2C
  • Dimensions of the HT16K33 integrated circuit: 72 x 32 x 2 mm
  • Dimensions of the matrix: 32 x 32 x 7 mm
  • Pin length: 13 mm


Resources for the 16x8 LED Matrix

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