Multiprotocol Radio Shield for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Intel Galileo
Shield radio multi-protocole pour Arduino, Raspberry Pi et Intel Galileo
Multiprotocol Radio Shield for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Intel Galileo

Multiprotocol Radio Shield for Arduino UNO v2.0

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The Multiprotocol Radio Shield allows you to establish a communication between your Arduino UNO and 2 communication modules simultaneously. DISCONTINUED ARTICLE.
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88147 Multiprotocol Radio Shield for Arduino UNO

The 88147 Radio Shield was designed for the Arduino UNO board.

It includes an SPI communication bus allowing you to connect 2 communication modules simultaneously, including not only RS-485, CAN bus and LoRa modules but also RFID, Bluetooth and XBee modules.

  • Compatible Arduino modules include all the RFID, Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G and GPRS modules.
  • You also have modules using new industrial radio protocols such as RS-485, RS-232 and CAN bus.


Plus, to make programming your Arduino Uno simpler, there is an on/off switch you can activate to be able to operate without necessarily disassembling all your modules.

You can also use the gateway mode; in this case, the jumpers must be used in USB position and the communication is only established via socket 0.

88147 Arduino Radio Shield: simplicity and ultra-connectivity

Imagine a project capable of not only reading and rewriting an RFID tag but also communicating with your computer via WiFi or with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

With the Arduino 88147 interconnection shield, you’ll be able to create ultra-connected objects very simply while saving a considerable amount of space, since no wiring is required and everything slots into place.

You can combine the 2 radio protocols of your choice depending on your project: Bluetooth + RFID, RFID + WiFi, Bluetooth + CAN bus, UART + UART, etc.

Your project can then communicate with you over short, medium or long distances and with all the devices you wish!

Technical specifications of the Radio Shield for Arduino UNO

  • Arduino UNO
  • On/off switch
  • Gateway mode
  • RoHS compliant


Resources for the 88147 Radio Shield

Check out this tutorial to get rapidly started with your 88147 Radio Shield!

88147 Arduino Radio Shield - Tutorial

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