2.7” e-Paper Panel

2.7” e-Paper Panel

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Try out a smaller version of the e-paper technology with the 2.7” e-Paper Panel, for use with the e-Paper Shield for your Arduino projects. DISCONTINUED ARTICLE.
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Size Chart
Size Chart

Seeed Studio 2,7’’ e-Paper Panel: excellent definition, low power consumption

The Seeed Studio 2.7” e-Paper Panel is a small TFT-type screen combining the electronic ink technology with the features offered by TFT displays.

The result is a low-consumption reflective screen that is not only ultra-flat (just 1 mm thick) and offers a high resolution, but can also maintain its display even after disconnecting from the power supply.

Because it’s so thin, it can be integrated into numerous ultra-compact DIY electronics projects in which displaying data plays an important role.

The e-paper technology also makes data extremely comfortable to read, since electronic ink displays reflect rather than emit light.

E-Paper Panel for Arduino: the ideal trio

To make the very most of all this e-Paper Panel has to offer, you’ll need:

The 2,7’’ e-paper display is extremely simple to connect, because the shield comes with a compatible connector. All that remains is for you to fit the e-Paper Shield for Arduino onto your microcontroller.

You can therefore carry your DIY Arduino e-paper projects through to completion quite simply, and build small portable devices equipped with a compact but nonetheless clearly legible display, for creating electronic price tags for example.

With the e-Paper Shield by Seeed Studio, you can display text, graphics and images on your 2.7” e-Paper Panel and store them on a microSD card (compatible connector on the e-paper shield).

Technical specifications of the 2,7’’ e-Paper Panel

  • External dimensions: 70.42 x 45.80 x 1 (thickness) mm
  • High resolution: 264 x 176
  • Excellent contrast ratio: 7:1
  • Interface: SPI
  • Operating temperature: 0–50 °C
  • Storage temperature: -20–60 °C
  • Refresh rate: 3 seconds (depending on the ambient temperature)
  • Pixel size: 0.217 × 0.217 mm (117 dpi)
  • Number of pins: 40 (STARCONN 089H40 connector or compatible)
  • Input voltage: 3 V
  • Viewing angle of almost 180°
  • Weight: 7 g
  • RoHS compliant


Resources for the Seeed Studio electronic ink TFT screen

Seeed Studio e-Paper Panel datasheet

Seeed Studio e-Paper Panel datasheet

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