Grove Sensor Adapter for EV3 and NXT

Grove Sensor Adapter for EV3 and NXT

MindSensors | A-000000-01712
Add all the Grove sensors you want to your NXT or EV3 robot with this Mindsensors Grove Sensor Adapter.
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Many compatible Grove sensors

The Grove Sensor Adapter for EV3 and NXT allows you to connect the numerous digital and analogue sensors in the range created by Seeedstudio.

The series includes light, sound, gas and temperature sensors, environmental measuring devices (barometer, air quality, pH, UV, moisture) as well as sensors allowing your robot to interact with its environment (joystick, infrared receiver and emitter).

This adapter for Lego NXT and EV3 opens the door to an entire universe of sensors to make your robot even smarter!

Technical specifications of the Grove Sensor Adapter for EV3 and NXT

  • Compatible with NXT and EV3
  • Compatible with digital and analogue Grove sensors
  • Consumption: 3 mA


Resources for the Mindsensors EV3GROVE adapter

To use your Mindsensors adapter to its full potential, make sure you take a look at its user guide and sample programs:

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