Yeti Discovery Kit for Thymio II Robot

Yeti Discovery Kit for Thymio II Robot

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If you’ve recently got your hands on the educational Thymio II mobile robot and think it’s time you moved on to more serious things, why not try adding some really fun Thymio accessories like the Yeti Discovery Kit for Thymio II Robot, which will show that your robot’s capable of hurtling down slopes! This special offer ends on May 11, 2020.
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Yeti Discovery Kit for Thymio II Robot: play, explore and program!

The Yeti Discovery Kit for Thymio II Robot is a really fun accessory that will show you what your Thymio II mobile robot is capable of while learning the basics of VPL (Visual Programming Language) programming.

The kit consists quite simply of a large A1 poster on which various items have been drawn (1 wide track, 1 narrow track, some chalets and a yeti!) that can be recognised by the Thymio II educational robot’s numerous embedded sensors. You’ll also find an explanatory document explaining all the games and challenges that are possible with your Thymio II robot and Yeti Discovery Kit.

You can either use the robot’s pre-programmed behaviours (fearful, obedient, friendly, attentive, investigator or explorer) and discover 4 games in which the robot will behave differently depending on your chosen behaviour, or explore new functions by tackling challenges that require use of the Aseba programming language!

You will find below a video introducing the Yeti discovery kit for Thymio II robot:

Yeti Discovery Kit for Thymio II Robot: a robotics workshop in its own right!

Whether you want to introduce your child to robotics or create a true robotics course for your students, you’ll be able to count on its comprehensive and totally open-source teaching materials (in French). The Aseba Studio visual programming language is a very intuitive programming environment involving use of coloured blocks, allowing children to quickly identify each command.

To put this brand-new knowledge into practice, the Yeti Discovery Kit proposes a range of truly challenging tasks in the form of 6 fun games that will put the talents of your budding robotics engineer to the test! Moreover, at each Thymio II VPL programming stage the code is also shown at the side, so that children can see the line of code corresponding to the command they’ve just added. They can then change the code directly in order to make their robot behave however they wish!

Technical specifications of the Yeti Discovery Kit

The Yeti Discovery Kit for Thymio II Robot contains:

  • 1 A1 poster (594 x 841 mm) with an overprinted silkscreen black trail for easier detection by sensors
  • 1 A4 explanatory document
  • Requires use of the Thymio II robot


Resources for the Yeti Discovery Kit for Thymio II Robot

You’ll find all the documents and download links you need to start your Thymio adventure below!

Generation Robots Guide - How to check if your Thymio is functioning correctly ?

Explanatory document

A1 PDF file

Getting started with Thymio II

Aseba download and installation

Overview of the Aseba Studio VPL

Programming tutorial


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