Dash & Dot Accessory Pack

Dash & Dot Accessory Pack

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You have Dash, you’ve got Dot, and you’ve downloaded all the apps to get them up and running? Now try their range of accessories to add some spice to your budding robotics engineer’s activities! DISCONTINUED ARTICLE.

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Dash & Dot Accessory Pack: improve and disguise your robots

The Dash & Dot Accessory Pack includes all the accessories that make the Dash and Dot robots yet more fun and exciting.

Dress Dot up with bunny ears and a tail to create an even more likeable character that little ones will love. Equip Dash with a bulldozer bar to pick up obstacles in its way or carry its little friend Dot, then transport Dash and Dot wherever you want using the tow hook!

Finally, assemble the smartphone mount on your robots to film the more exciting episodes of their adventures.

Dash and Dot, your new friends for teaching robotics to children (and their parents)

Equipped with all their accessories, Dot and Dash will be ready to follow your children and pupils in all their adventures! There can be no denying that they’re perfect for accompanying users from day to day. With their 4 fun apps, downloadable via your smartphone, iPhone or tablet, Dash and Dot will open the door to numerous new activities for learning robotics in a workshop, at school or at home.

Teachers, professors, educators and parents will all love these 2 small, beautifully-designed sweet yet mischievous characters!

Plus there are a variety of different packs for discovering all the possibilities offered by your Dash and Dot robots – in addition to the Dash & Dot Accessory Pack, there is a Wonder Pack, a Builder Pack and a Music Pack. All use a highly intuitive visual programming language suitable for children from the age of 5. A programming language similar to Scratch, designed by Google, for learning the basics of robotics at all ages!

Technical specifications of the Dash & Dot Accessory Pack

The Accessory Pack contains:

  • 1 bulldozer bar
  • 1 pair of bunny ears
  • 1 bunny tail
  • 1 tow hook
  • 1 smartphone mount
  • 1 xylophone
  • 4 Lego building brick extensions


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