Adafruit 830-Point Breadboard
Adafruit 830-Point Breadboard
Adafruit 830-Point Breadboard

Adafruit 830-Point Breadboard

Adafruit Industries | A-000000-01689
The 830-Point Breadboard offers all the space and tie points you need for small and medium-sized prototypes.
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Size Chart

830-Point Breadboard: the freedom to create

Measuring 5.5 cm wide and 17 cm long, this breadboard with its 830 tie points offers you all the space you need for developing circuits for your electronic projects.

It comprises 2 strips of 415 tie points separated by a centre line. You obviously have two retractable power rails on each side, so you can make your breadboard even thinner if necessary (its width is reduced to 3.5 cm without these 4 rows).

Need more space? You can also purchase several breadboards and join them together to make your circuit longer or wider!

Uses for the Adafruit breadboard

You can use this “full-size” breadboard by Adafruit, combined with jumper wires, to test all your circuits for Arduino, Raspberry Pi or any other microcontroller.

This means you can assemble your circuit with a minimum of soldering, and correct any potential connection problems in the early stages. The board is also an excellent learning platform, allowing you to put your first electronics lessons into practice!

Technical specifications of the Adafruit 830-points breadboard

  • Dimensions: 55 x 170 x 10 mm
  • Weight: 83.7 g
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