MS5607 Altimeter Module
MS5607 Altimeter Module
MS5607 Altimeter Module

MS5607 Altimeter Module

Parallax Inc. | A-000000-00793
The MS5607 Altimeter Module provides precise information on atmospheric pressure, altitude and temperature for numerous applications. DISCONTINUED
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Size Chart
Size Chart

A high-resolution altimeter module

The Parallax MS5607 Altimeter Module is designed to offer users accurate and reliable information on:

  • Barometric pressure: high-linearity barometric pressure sensor (10 to 1200 mbar)
  • Altitude: readings are accurate to within about 20 cm and are well-suited for taking measurements even at high altitude
  • Temperature: -40 to +85 °C with a margin of error inferior to 0.01 °C


Conversion speed and consumption can be adapted according to your needs thanks to its different operation modes. The MS5607 module can be connected to a wide range of microcontrollers, between 3.3 and 6.5 Vdc. It also offers 2 communication interfaces (I2C and SPI).

The various uses of the Parallax MS5607 Altimeter Module

The Parallax MS5607 Altimeter Module can be used in many different ways:

  • Mobile altimeter/barometer
  • Balloon altimeter module (high altitude)
  • Weather station
  • Drone navigation module
  • Inertial measurement unit


Technical specifications of the Parallax Altimeter Module

  • Thermometer range of -40 to +85 °C with < 0.01 °C resolution
  • Pressure range of 10 to 1200 mbar
  • 24-bit pressure and temperature values
  • Communication interface: I2C (up to 400 kHz) or SPI (20 MHz)
  • Operating temperature: -40 to +85 °C (-40 to +185 °F)
  • Supply: 3.3–6.5 Vdc


Resources for the MS5607 Altimeter Module

Below are the instructions and technical schematic for the 29124 MS5607 Altimeter Module, which will help you get it up and running more rapidly.

MS5607 Altimeter Module instructions

MS5607 Altimeter Module instructions

Technical schematic of the MS5607 Altimeter Module

Technical schematic of the MS5607 Altimeter Module

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